As I do from time to time, I thought I’d mention my friend Matthew Arevalo, the guy behind the scenes here at, who hosts this site and keeps it running smoothly. He’s the guy I contact when things go wrong, and the one I can rely on to give me answers about new tech when I start eyeing new, shiny things with buttons and touch screens. He’s also the guy I’ve gotten breakfast and beers with, but that doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should. (Hey, Matt – sushi and sake this weekend?)

He has a bunch of projects going on, one of which is Master Works Productions, which develops “…clear, focused strategies to engage audiences, build brand relationships, as well as additional production solutions and technology consulting.” Sounds heavy, and I know Matthew’s developing some cool New Media projects over there. The website’s pretty cool, and showcases some of their upcoming projects. Check it out:

Master Works Productions