[UPDATE! – November 18, 2010] The new strip’s up so I can finally take this down. Since the strip’s being uploaded late, I won’t waste time typing out a long blog before I post this one. It’s pretty evident, anyway – especially in the comments section of many a JEFbot strip – that Geek Girls are not to be trifled with! Also, connecting with fellow ’80s gamers is so easy due to that shared videogame experience we all had back then. I wonder if kids growing up with Halo and Call of Duty will feel the same way us older gamers feel about Pitfall! and Space Invaders?

And just wanted to post a quick thanks for all the encouraging emails, comments and tweets you guys sent my way while I was filming. They really gave me a charge while I was heading into the shoot, and helped make the experience even more awesome throughout the day.

[November 16, 2010] Although I hate whenever I can’t get the strip posted on time, being late due to an acting gig or audition is usually one of the better excuses I can give whenever such tardiness occurs. I should have a new JEFblog up before the weekend about my experiences on-set, as per usual, but if you’d like a more real-time feed of the goings on of the shoot, follow my Tweets here: Twitter.com/jefbot.

Thanks again for your patience!