jefbot has quite a set of lungs in him it seems, in that his yell (perhaps better defined as an “anguished cry”) can carry over from one strip to another. Is it possible for it to extend to a third strip or would that defy the fragile physics of the webcomics medium? Probably best not to test it out.

Nothing new to report about the progress of my apartment. Unpacking and organizing has been put on hold this week while I’ve been getting JEFbot running again, but I’ll be back to the grind this weekend. Although I will be escaping the confines of my apartment for a few hours to see TRON: LEGACY, hopefully this weekend but next week at the latest. Extremely excited about it as I’m a huge fan of the original movie, but the reviews have not been kind so my expectations have been tempered, which is probably for the best. Anyone else planning on seeing it?