Sometimes it seems the world goes by so fast these days, that holidays, birthdays and other celebrations come and go without much notice. Christmas, especially, is like that for me, where I’m so busy with other things that I just don’t get into the spirit of the holiday until it’s almost over. There are a couple songs that when I hear them, they totally get me in that headspace, however, with The Little Drummer Boy and pretty much any of the songs from A Charlie Brown Christmas special. Then I’m back to being a kid, remembering what it was like to come down the stairs Christmas morning, waiting to see what Santa brought.

Sorry for the outage yesterday. Apparently, I had an ad that was flagging the site as malware, so Google put me on their bad list. I believe it’s all been worked out now, as I’m off that list, but if you (or your virus checkers) notice anything fishy, please let me know. And as always, thanks for all the support during this! I would’ve lost my mind (well, more so) without all the technical help and empathy over the past 30 or so hours.