I’m sure a bunch of you BOT ROCKIN’ PEEPS can relate to today’s strip, so i’m afraid to even ask what the grossest YouTube video you’ve seen is. And putting the “YouTube” in the strip and in the previous sentence was intentional so as to keep my site PG – PG13. I’m sure there are “other” sites with much “nastier” material but I wouldn’t know about such things. *ahem*

I’m not sure what the initial spark was, but I was hanging out with a friend the other day when I started looking at gross things on YouTube – the biggest back zit you’ve ever seen getting popped, a long, long ingrown facial hair getting pulled, a crude cyst extraction – you know the kind. Well, my buddy pulls up a video of some bot fly larvae (yes! BOT flies!) getting pulled out of some dudes back. Well, that just started hours of finding and sharing gross videos that just kept coming; it’s hard to stop once you start down that vile path. Anyway, it’s not the grossest thing I’ve ever seen by a long shot, but it was the video that inspired this strip:

Bot fly removal. (Warning: Grody to the Max. Also, some language.)

If you have a gross vid, feel free to share in the comments, just remember to keep it under PG-13 guidelines or I’ll have to remove it. For the children.