too much chuckI had a few technical difficulties getting the strip up this time (my Internet connection slowed to a complete crawl right before I started uploading). But, although it took about 50 minutes for the file to transfer, the strip’s up now and everything seems to be fine. Let me know if it isn’t.

Well, here we are at the 10th strip! Woo-hoo!!! I feel like I should’ve planned some sort of celebration or something. Maybe given out free t-shirts or sketches? I guess that will be something to remember for #15 or #20, perhaps. Anyway, feel free to celebrate on your own – have a glass of wine or a beer maybe. At least a swig of cough syrup. In any case, if you’re feeling it, raise your glass (or plastic measuring cup) and give a shout out to ten JEFBOTs completed! Banzai!!!