JEFBOT11_stampYes, I’ve finally gotten a PS3. I really was going to wait until next year, when Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII get released, but since there are still so many awesome PS2 games to play (Final Fantasy XII, God of War II, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – I’m looking at you) I figured I’d better get it now while I can still play those games without any weird emulation glitches. No regrets, either. I haven’t bought any games for it, just downloaded demos so far, including the beautiful (but yes, way too short) Heavenly Sword demo. I also downloaded all of the hi def Heavenly Sword animated shorts which are just beautiful and set the scene for the game, which has been knocked for being painfully short, a factor which isn’t a negative for me, seeing as having time to play a game is at an all time premium, lately. Plus, the Blu-ray movies on the PS3 look absolutely stunning. Possibly even more stunning than the HD DVDs I’ve been playing on my 360 (Children of Men and 300 are must haves, tho), but that may be due to my running the PS3 through the DVI port instead of component, but I digress.

So, yeah. I’m happy with the PS3, but I’ll be happier when Home, Little Big Planet, MGS 4, FF XIII and Assassin’s Creed are released. If you want to hook up with me on the Playstation Network or XBOX Live, just look me up under screen name/gamertag “JEFBOT” on both.

This week’s strip almost didn’t get posted on time, due to me working in Las Vegas for the past few days doing tech stuff at a convention here. I managed to work on the strip at night though, and with a few workarounds, I was able to get it done. Once I had sketched out the characters, I used my digital camera to get it into the computer instead of a scanner, and instead of using an ink brush/pen or Cintiq for the inks, I used a Wacom tablet. Although ghetto, it totally worked. Check the steps out here:

1. Pencil and photograph
3speak sketch

2. Ink with Wacom tablet
3speak sketch

3. Color with Photoshop
3speak sketch

Voila! Rinse and repeat three more times to create a four panel comic while on the road.

Also, sorry to the JEFBOT mailing list subscribers (click here to subscribe!) who won’t get their weekly reminder until I get home later tonight.