Funny the Clown logoI was never really afraid of clowns as a kid (well, a little bit after seeing Poltergeist), they just weren’t for me. I didn’t understand what they were trying to accomplish with all that makeup and silliness. I still don’t.

This strip was completely inspired by my roommate, Michael. He does kids parties (remember?) along with his acting, and this “minimalist” clown philosophy is all his. He even has a postcard of a hideous clown that he can show parents when they don’t understand why he isn’t more “dressed up.”

If you’re near the Los Angeles area and are looking for a fun clown with over 10 years of experience that plays well with kids and does magic, games, balloon animals, face painting and more, look no further than Michael’s Funny the Clown. And he’ll do it without scaring the living crap out of your kids like a Stephen King villain. Email him by clicking here, if you’re interested.