The events of this strip happened to me a couple of months ago – I was totally craving noodles and picked up a couple boxes of such at the local Trader Joe’s, only to find out, once I got home, there was a lot of prep work involved (the ingredients listed in the strip were lifted almost verbatim from the box directions). Those packages of noodles still sit on my food shelf, unopened. Now, granted, they didn’t exactly say “instant” on the package, but they were in the same section as the Top Ramen and Cup O’ Noodle, so I just assumed that I would be eating noodles, well, pretty much instantly. So consider this a Public Service Announcement: check your noodle packages before buying! The lunch you save may be your own.

Also: Although we’re back to strips of the one-off gag variety, fans of the “JEFbot Mythology” storyline shouldn’t worry, as we’ll be returning to what happened to Mu, cel and the aliens soon enough! Consider the next several strips a breather before the next big arc.