8/30 UPDATE: We didn’t make it to the final stage of the tournament but we had a GREAT run! Out of 50 Interviews we made it to the last 8, so a big thanks to everybody who voted and to Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics for putting this whole thing together. Congrats to all the finalists, especially to my buddy and competition in the semifinals, The Legend of Bill‘s David Reddick. (We’re still gonna have to do some karaoke together in the future, Dave!)

Now go check out the TGT Webcomics site regularly for some great interviews with some of your favorite webcomics creators.

8/27 UPDATE: There’s still time to cast your daily vote in the
TGT Tournament! Sure, it looks like we aren’t going to make it to the Finals at this point, but let’s not go down without a fight!
TGT Tournament

8/21 UPDATE: Behold the craziness: Your votes have gotten JEFbot into the semi-finals of the TGT Tournament! Looks like it’s my interview vs. my buddy David Reddick’s (Legend of Bill) this time, and I have a feeling this one’s gonna be the toughest one yet. Bracket 3, one vote a day, all week!

TGT Tournament Semi-Finals

8/17 UPDATE: I don’t know how it happened
*, but against all odds and by the slimmest of margins, JEFbot won its bracket in Round 2 and has now moved on to Round 3 of the TGT Webcomics Tournament! If you wish to increase my bafflement at this state of events, cast a vote for JEFbot by clicking the link below, and listen to some fine interviews and perhaps discover some new webcomics while you’re at it.

TGT Tournament Round 3 (JEFbot’s at Bracket 5 and can be voted on once per day.)

* Yes I do: A legion of you readers voted for the JEFbot interview. I’m both baffled and humbled. THANK YOU.

UPDATE: We won our bracket for Round 1 of the TGT Tournament, and now we’re moving on to Round 2! So a big thank you to everybody who voted for my interview and helped fend off the competition. If you’d like to vote for me in Round 2 or would just like to check out some cool interviews with some talented webcomicfolk, here’s the link:

TGT Tournament Round 2.

ORIGINAL POST: My pals over at
TGT Webcomics are having a fun tournament wherein people are voting for their favorite interviews from the past 50 shows. Mine’s going up against Rachel Keslensky’s (Last Res0rt!), and it’s turning into a close race, so check ’em both out and vote! (And remember you can vote once a day, every day, until the tournament ends.)

TGT Tournament EP51 – EP100