Oh, how little jefbot has learned since buying Halo 3, uh, can it really be three years ago!? Or not. Just like I decided back then, I think I’m going to split the difference between the $150 Legendary Edition and $60 Regular Edition, and just get the $80 Limited Edition, which doesn’t come with the 10 pound statue, but does have the classified documents and its own custom packaging. Of course, I might just buy the game by itself this time. Like the Cornfather said in today’s strip: I generally look at all the limited edition stuff the first day, then put it on a shelf or pack it up, never to really engage with it again. Kind of getting tired of that. Either means I’m getting older or the marketing machine isn’t working on me as much these days. I’d like to think it’s the latter.

Against all odds, we’ve made it to the semi-finals of the TGT Tournament, all because of your votes! This means that out of FIFTY other webcomic interviews, you’ve pushed JEFbot into the FINAL EIGHT! I’m seriously blown away by all the support you readers have shown this webcomic during the tourney, and only ask that you keep doing what you’ve been doing. We’re a little behind right now but I feel the BOT ARMY can post a few more numbers before this tournament is over on Saturday. Remember, you can vote once a day, every day this week, so go back and vote the rest of the week if you’re feeling it. Again, thanks for all the votes you guys have been posting. That we’ve progressed this far is already a victory!

TGT Tournament (Bracket 3)