There are so many bizarre premises for games, this particular strip could’ve gone for a lot longer than two panels. And, of course, I’m going to side with jefbot on this one, and say games were more bizarre back in the ’80s, mainly because, due to the limited gaming technology at the time, programmers couldn’t create realistic worlds on home consoles or in the arcades, so they went with more abstract ideas. I mean, does someone want to explain what Pac-Man is about? Or Burgertime? Tempest? And yes, things get plenty weird in the modern day with games like Viewtiful Joe, Metal Gear Solid and Rez, but for the most part, games are striving much more for realism these days, which doesn’t leave much room for something like Q*Bert.

What other games (modern or classic) do you feel have bizarre premises? And who will be the first to identify the games jefbot and the young lady are talking about?