Apologies that this isn’t a new strip and is, instead, another blog post updating you on my progress in making my new apartment livable after my recent move. But I thought it best to post an update before the comment limit was reached on my last post. I mean, seriously people, 285 comments (and counting)!? Sure, maybe a third of those comments are my own, but if I was afraid of the site growing stagnant while I was off unpacking boxes, after the 200th comment or so, I ceased to worry. I am both astonished and proud of all the activity still happening on this site, even in my absence.

Many thanks to those who left comments to show support, or understanding, or just to engage with the rest of the JEFbot community. And big thanks again go out to the unofficial moderators of the comments: Angela della Muerta, Pixie, Sonitan, Shanna and EvilStepQueen (aka The Harem) who all really stepped up answering questions and reassuring readers when I would disappear into my boxes for a day or two. Also a hello and warm welcome to the many new commenters who are either new readers who decided to leave a message or old readers who felt somehow emboldened to comment by the extended stay of the post and/or the interactions going on. In fact, it’s due to such activity that I’ve been mulling over the idea of having a JEFbot Forum, so we can have extended conversations instead of our usual, quick talks that only last until the subsequent strip gets posted. Let me know your thoughts on this and whether or not you’d be inclined to participate. I’ve polled some friends and family and I know at least Mombot’s onboard with the idea.

So back to the issue at hand: the next strip! As this post’s accompanying image and title suggests, there will be a new comic posted tomorrow. This is mostly due to the fact that, with my sister Linda’s help, I was able to get an area cleared and a new desk installed which is nearly twice the size of my old one, which should make creating strips a more comfortable and decadent experience. While the desk and computer tech came together too late for me to make Tuesday’s deadline, I was able to give the new space a brief test run by pencilling the first panel of the next strip and feel confident I can get it done by Wednesday. I can also tell you that it will be another Double-Decker strip, so hopefully that will buy me a tiny amount of good will after this long hiatus.