Hopefully, Wil and jefbot’s moment of levity will be brief, as Pinky’s brother will no doubt be bringing it if Pinky herself ends up sucking. Plus, jefbot’s up next, so it’s no time to get cocky! This is either the moment things begin turning in Wil and bot’s favor or the moment they start to lose it all. We’ll find out which as this DK Battle continues!

A little trivia: Pinky got it wrong calling Donkey Kong a “Mario” game, since the character you play is actually known only as “Jumpman.” He wasn’t given the Mario moniker until Donkey Kong’s follow-up, Mario Bros., came out a couple of years later. (Mario Bros. was also the game that introduced Mario’s green-overalls-wearing brother, Luigi.) No doubt Wil and jefbot knew of Pinky’s mistake, but were too busy laughing to call her on it. And that’s one to grow on!