So what will jefbot and the Angry Scarf get up to when the Cornfather leaves? Last time they went on a 48 hour, nonstop, videogame bender that depleted them both, so whatever happens next can’t be good. Also, why didn’t bot reveal the Angry Scarf to the Cornfather now that he had the opportunity? Answers to these questions and more in Friday’s JEFbot!

New readers! Hit up this link for the beginning of this storyline: JEFBOT.356_There Will Be Scarf

Looks like it’s the last day of August, which means the MWF schedule should be coming to an end. BUT, I’m really liking the accelerated schedule – especially with this storyline – so I might just continue it for a bit longer. Gonna mull it over and decide when I post this Friday’s strip. If I do decide to go back to the Tuesday – Friday schedule, I just wanted to thank you all for the encouragement and enthusiasm you expressed for the extra strips! Keeping that in mind kept me motivated when I was working on some of these strips during the wee hours of the morning, when I felt as depleted as bot and the Scarf after their gaming weekend!