So last night (Sunday) the Schuetzes celebrated my sister Linda’s (inspiration for Xinda, knitter of the Angry Scarf) birthday at my parents’ house. The plan was to start the festivities around 6pm, have dinner, cake and presents, and be done by 8:30 or so. I figured that would leave me enough time to get back to the BOTcave a little after 9pm, and have the strip finished around 1 or 2am.

Well. That was the plan. Unfortunately, my sister’s car wouldn’t start, and after much time spent trying to figure out whether it was her key fob, battery or electrical system, we ended up calling AAA, the driver for which promptly got lost in North Hollywood, and didn’t make it to my parents’ until sometime after 9pm. After arriving and doing some tests, AAA thankfully got the car started and my sister was on her way (I believe she’s taking it to the dealership today.) The point being that after my sister left, and I was able to get all my stuff together (laundry and leftovers and such), I didn’t end up leaving Mom & Popbot’s until after 11pm. By the time I got home my ETA for the strip was somewhere around 4:30am, and I just couldn’t manage it as I had an important meeting at work this morning that I had to get into the office earlier than usual for.

Anyway, this is just a long way of saying that you should totally blame Linda for today’s missing strip while also wishing her a Happy Birthday!