Okay, so now I’m convinced the Fates are conspiring against me putting out new JEFbot strips. At least the reason for the delay this time is a bit more fun: Longtime readers will remember I took a hiatus a while back to film a horror movie called Grey Skies. Well, after picking up numerous festival awards (including the Audience Choice Award at Shriekfest and the Best Feature Film Award at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival) and a limited theatrical run, Grey Skies is now available on DVD! (And as it so happened, the DVD release party was last night, and I got home too late to finish today’s strip.)

If you’re interested in seeing the movie (which also stars Michael Cornacchia, the inspiration for The Cornfather in the strip), it’s now available on Amazon.com, just in time for Halloween! Here’s the link:
Grey Skies DVD

And here are my previous posts about my time in Michigan filming the movie:
Grey Matter_01.The Arrival
Grey Matter_02.The First Week
Grey Matter_03.Nights Into Dreams
Grey Matter_04.Parting Grey Skies

Unless something unforeseen occurs (and I wouldn’t rule that out,) I’ve completely cleared my schedule the next two days so I can get to JEFbot as soon as I get home from work, which means I can practically guarantee that I’ll be back on schedule this Friday with a new strip as we start wrapping up The Angry Scarf storyline! Once again, I thank you for your patience and understanding as Life sometimes gets in the way of me working on JEFbot, which is still one of the biggest passions in my world right now, and which I excitedly look forward to returning to after the past couple weeks of distractions!