Here’s a little “Post-Mother’s Day” strip for all the moms out there (including my own) that rely on their children for tech help! As many of you mothers know – once you’ve made even the slightest computer error in front of your sons and daughters, there’s no escaping the ridicule. It’s easier to just accept it. The scenario presented here actually did play out a few weeks ago between me and my mom, and by immortalizing it in the comic strip, I’ve fulfilled jefbot’s promise of eternal ridicule. Happy Post-Mother’s Day, mom!

So how ’bout you ladies and gents? I know we have some awesome moms in the BOTreadership, so let’s hear how your kids have tortured you when it comes to tech help. And just to be fair, let’s hear it from the daughters and sons that have their own experiences with their mom’s tech-unsavviness.