Today’s comic is one of those strips where jefbot and i could not be more different, since I rarely ever use my air conditioning in my car or apartment. It’s just one of those things that was instilled in me back in my youth by my dad. Although he seems to use the AC more in the house and car nowadays  (mom’s influence, perhaps?) when I was a kid we’d all just have to roll our windows down if we were in the car or go outside if we were in the house and think cold thoughts.

So how ’bout y’all? To AC or not to AC?

And, hey! The return of the BOTling! As first seen in this strip: JEFBOT.325_Toy Story

Sorry for the late comic strip. Been working on getting the new and improved JEFbot Vol.1 book ready for printing so it will be available in time for the San Diego Comic Con, and got a little behind on everything else. I’ll have shots up of the proofs on the JEFblog soon!