If only there were anti-cheating apps! I don’t know how many times I used to play Words With Friends or Scramble type games, when all of a sudden, my opponent would seem to become a master wordsmith of the first order, almost overnight! It got to the point where, even though I’d be playing with friends I had known for years and whom I could trust implicitly, in the back of my mind I’d always suspect they might be using a cheating app, even when there would be no grounds for such suspicion. Easier just to stop playing those games. (Although I do admit to still playing with a couple of my most trusted friends, but not often.) I guess this says more about me and my suspicious, paranoid mind than it does about the integrity of my friends, but there you have it.

How ’bout you BOTreaders? Do you have reason to suspect your closest friends and family members of cheating, ever?

And of course, all props to The Big Hit (any fans out there?) for inspiring my Cheater Buster app tech.