So our last (and first!) poll closed with a big win for Hoth Leia (woo!) as your favorite Leia! See the rest of the results here. You may find ’em surprising. Our new poll ties into the JEFBOT.473_Dishing it Out comic strip, so go check that out if you missed it. Since I’m not sure I could choose just one cereal as my favorite, I’ve expanded this poll to give you three of your top cereal picks, so use ’em wisely. Also, if you don’t see your favorite cereal here (they were chosen from the comments section of JEFBOT.473) let me know in the comments for this poll and I’ll add it. This one will only run ’til next Sunday (December 2, Midnight) so vote for your favorite sugary, bran-y, oat-y, soggy, frosted and/or crunchtastic cereal now!

Which Cereal is the BEST?

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