JEFBOT Mythology link

I’ve put together a “Cliffs Notes” version of the whole JEFbot botOLOGY for new readers (and longtime readers who’d like a refresher course) who may have stumbled onto this site and just don’t have time to read through the past 500 strips at the moment. Check it:

JEFbot botOLOGY: The Story So Far

While I recommend reading through every JEFbot strip to get all the character and humor this strip has to offer – the “full flavor” if you will – I realize 500 comics is a lot to wade through, so the above link just hits the major bullet points from the JEFbot botOLOGY (cel, the aliens, Super Scrawn, Angry Scarf, Mutant Mu, etc.) and leaves out the, uh, let’s call ’em the JEFbot JEFology (family, friends, videogames, movies, random geekery) so if you want the latter, you’ll have to do it the harder (but more rewarding!) way:

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