So today’s strip was a bit unexpected as I wasn’t planning on showing you guys jefbot and the Cave Bunny killing time playing anything together (after the events of the previous strip.) I figured I’d be moving on to the next bit in the storyline and leaving it to your imaginations as to whether bot found something for them to play or not. But after I wrote the blog post musing about what they’d actually be playing, and after seeing that this was something that tickled some of you BOTreaders in the comments as well, I knew I had to make a strip showing what bot actually pulled out of his bag (and him teaching CB how to play Magic: The Gathering was just too enticing to pass up!) Now I’m glad I did as it’s a nice little character moment and a chance for the two of them to bond while adding a little levity to the current situation. Now all that’s left to wonder is: who will win!?

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