BOTpeeps! I’m doing the Salt Lake Comic Con this week, so if you’re anywhere near SLC and plan to come to the con, swing on by the BOTbooth and say hi. Since I still haven’t been able to get back to JEFbot, doing these conventions and meeting you readers really helps keep me feel connected to the comic and to you all. I miss doing the comic a TON, and I’m hoping to get back to it as soon as I’m able. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a steady job, but I’m doing a bunch of odd projects here and there which help pay the bills (somewhat) so I’m still keeping my head above water (mostly.) I’ll have to make a long, detailed blog about what I’ve been up to recently after I get back from Utah. Anyway, thanks for coming and checking in on me and the comic! I sincerely hope to have good news, soon.

Here are the details. And, as always, I’m giving special con BOTtons to BOTpeeps while supplies last, so make sure to let me know you’re a reader!

The BOTbooth
Artist Alley, Black 34

Salt Lake Comic Con
Salt Palace Convention Center
Sept 4-6, 2014