“The Power of Scrawn!” is something my best friend in high school, Richard G., and I would call out whenever we accomplished some feat only a truly scrawny person could do. (And by scrawny, I don’t mean just thin, I’m talking no fat or muscle mass whatsoever.) Usually that meant squeezing between desks or through a blocked door, or surviving on one small, bean burrito over an entire day. This came about possibly because we were the skinniest people in our group of friends and decided to empower ourselves by embracing that fact, or most likely because we were a couple of scrawny geeks who liked comic books and fiction. Either way, if you’re a scrawny dude (or lady!) in school, let me just say: enjoy The Power of Scrawn while you can ‘cuz it doesn’t last forever. I think I lost that power sometime after college and am still trying to get it back.