So, yeah – I used to stick “Spider-Tracers” on my sister Lor/Laura all the time. Like, before she went to school, before she went out with friends, before her aerobics class, etc. I was kind of obsessed. I might’ve been into the Spider-Tracers even more so than Spider-Man’s other powers. You know, like the ability to stick to walls, swing from a web and avoid unseen dangers with a sixth sense. It’s probably because I could kind of recreate something similar to a Spider-Tracer with masking tape and markers, whereas sticking to walls, swinging from webs and using a sixth sense was a tad harder.

So… any of you drive your siblings crazy with Superhero-like (or unSuperhero-like) behavior?

BTW, I saw the new Spider-Man film (The Amazing Spider-Man) the other day, and while it had its problems, I still enjoyed it a lot. I’d still rank Raimi’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 films above it, as I think those movies had stronger villains and a better grasp of who the character of Peter Parker is (i.e. awkward nerd) but as a slightly different take on the character (broody, angsty hipster) and story, I think the new one worked. I hope they get a chance to make a sequel.

Sorry for the late strip! I was starting to get ahead on these things but, well, I’ve been getting ready for my first San Diego Comic-con as an exhibitor and been severely short of time. I’ll blog about it later this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing some of you there next week!