This exact thing happened while I was on the new Radiator Springs Racers ride (which is awesome, by the way) at Disneyland/California Adventure Park a couple weeks ago: an entire family had their smartphones and iPads out, recording the ride from beginning to end. I don’t think they actually saw anything that was going on during the ride beyond what they could see from their screens. I can see taking a couple snapshots of the cool stuff that was happening, or facial expressions of family members during some surprising moments, but to record video the entire time? Are they really going to watch those videos at home and re-experience the ride from the point of view of a jumpy, jangly, handheld phone and tablet? Hopefully, they’ll add some motion simulation like bot and the Cornfather did in today’s strip, otherwise, I fear for the friends and relatives who have to sit through those home videos.

How ’bout you BOTreaders? Do you use your smartphones and tablets to record every moment of your life? Or do you wait until your friends or family are about to do something crazy or dangerous before you pull out your cameras? Do you record concerts? Roller coasters? Bathroom habits??? (Okay, if you record that last choice, I really don’t want to know.)