Looks like something in bot switched off (“Oh, switch off!”) after the events of the previous strip, but will his love of Star Wars remain dimmed? Probably not, but he (and I) will need more info before fully committing to the new film.

When I was a kid, I probably could have freed up as much time as bot here by giving up my preoccupation with Star Wars. Nowadays, my addiction is creating JEFbot, since I work on it most waking hours and I don’t see giving up on it anytime soon. I think the addiction I had before that was video games, which I don’t get to play as much anymore but which I plan to get back to a bit more now that Ni no Kuni has been released!

So what’s the addiction you harbor that, if given up, could free up a ton of your time? Video games? TV? The Internet? Sound off in the comments!