[UPDATE 12/23/2012] The strip’s up and The Christmas Bat has (metaphorically, for now) taken flight! I always enjoy telling new stories of The Bat, even if they do tend to take much longer than a normal strip to produce – hence the lateness of this comic. Anyway, this storyline will be one of the biggest yet for the series, so sit back and enjoy as we see what our festive flying mammal gets up to this year!

Speaking of years, I don’t know how this is the sixth chapter in the history of The Christmas Bat!!! It doesn’t <em>seem</em> like this tradition has been going on for over five years now but it must be true! Or insanity has finally taken hold. If that’s the case, being crazy isn’t as bad as I feared.

If I don’t talk to you all before Tuesday, have a VERY, VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! And if you don’t celebrate the occasion, I wish you a VERY MERRY DAY regardless!

[12/21/2012] BOTreaders! The Christmas Bat is nigh! In other words, it’s taking me way longer than expected to finish the first episode of this year’s TCB strip but it’ll be up this weekend, so check back soon! Apologies for the delay.

In the meantime, catch up on The Christmas Bat strips of yore by clicking these convenient links:

And hooray for the world not ending today!