Thanks to everybody who supported the Valentine’s Day Quality Time sale! It’s over now but I’m saving up to get to the Emerald City Comicon next month (not to mention still being unemployed, so money’s extra awesome right now) so pretty much every purchase is going toward getting me there. Thanks again, and I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! (Even if you had no one to celebrate with, I sent you all some heart vibes so I hope you felt ’em.)

And in between shipping stuff off and scouring job boards, I was able to get this strip out, so enjoy! Like I mentioned previously, I didn’t mean for this storyline to get so huge, but it had a life of its own so I could only comply to its whims. And while it’s been all sweetness and honey (well, somewhat) for the Peppermint Elf making magic and cookies so far, something tells me those times are about to come to a bitter and teeth-filled end. See ya next time!

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