I’m not saying this is exactly what happened the day I saw The Dark Knight Rises, the final movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but I will say my selection process did take longer than usual, as I wanted to mark the occasion with a kind of respect. I could’ve gone with a Batman Begins shirt, or maybe a Neal Adams graphic tee, or perhaps something just bizarre like Bat-Mite on it. In the end, I ended up going with an old Burton “original” Batman tee, mostly because I just couldn’t find my Batman Returns promo shirt I got from a friend whose dad worked for Warner Bros. back in the day. I bet it’s tucked away in a box in my parents’ attic, in which case it might never be found. I already miss it.

Anyway, as with many geeks, jefbot has a relationship with tees that borders on obsessive. No doubt he has his tee picked out for the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, coming out next summer. (Most likely a purple Bizarro Superman logo tee that mirrors my own.) Do you?

L.A. BOTpeeps: Don’t miss out on the stage  production of Star Wars Saga in 60 Minutes! It’s fun, funny and family friendly, so bring the whole brood. This weekend is also your last chance to see this run so get tickets now. See my blog post about it here.