jefbot24_stampThe Christmas Bat has been a real tradition in my family for several years now. It was birthed out of necessity when my mom wanted my brother-in-law and I to put tinsel on the tree strand by strand, which might have taken hours. Instead, we pretty much grabbed handfuls of tinsel from the bag, threw it all on the tree, found a rubber bat left out from Halloween, stuck it in one of the clumps and called it a day. The Christmas Bat tradition was born.

To make your own Christmas Bat, dump a bag of tinsel on a branch (preferably high on the tree for a good lookout spot), get a rubber bat (or real one, if you have access), color in the right eye with a black Sharpie, color in the left eye with a red Sharpie, stick him in the tinsel nest facing out and make sure you get to bed at a decent hour and don’t get up too early.